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Image by Claudio Schwarz

Corporate Barter


Inventory Liquidation

Enabling brands & companies across industries to efficiently trade/liquidate their surplus inventories & use the same to pay for advertising & other related requirements. We work with closely with almost all media owners across the country to execute campaigns flawlessly & at scale. With deep experience in managing physical goods inventory of any scale, we can help brands sell off millions of dollars in surplus inventory within days or few weeks.

With deep understanding of surplus inventory, potential bulk buyers & requirements across the country, we also offer cash based liquidation opportunities to clients where barter deals may not be feasible or do not work out for some reason. We annually purchase (against cash payments, as opposed to barter) millions of dollars from leading brands and liquidate their surplus inventory efficiently pan India.


Product Sampling

We are also India’s leading product sampling company helping brands generate trials for their products & new launches to help generate targeted engagement, feedback and drive potential sales. Our network includes all online delivery partners, offline network of workplaces, co working, universities, events etc.

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